Elli Palaiologou

Politics (2018)


elli palaiologou

I argue that some political legacies do not just wax and wane over time. They might decline in political significance but may be re-activated if present stimuli permit so. While this trajectory is far from rare it has received only marginal attention in the existing literature, as most focus has been placed on the understanding of how effects persist over a long period of time. Therefore, I wish to examine the following: under what conditions can seemingly dormant legacies be re-activated to inform the behaviour and political choice of future generations?

I gained my BSc in Politics and Philosophy at the LSE (First Class Honours) and proceeded to an MPhil in Politics (European Politics and Society) in Oxford (Distinction). In between the two degrees I worked for a year in Madrid in a civil society organisation, researching over the transparency of European Union institutions (lobbying transparency in particular). I also worked as a volunteer for 2 months in South Africa (teacher in a township crèche) and for 4 months in the Municipality of Athens during the refugee crisis (UNHCR Relocation Scheme).