Edward Howell

Edward Howell

International Relations (2016 cohort)

Area of Interest:    

My research interests lie in East Asia, specifically the Korean Peninsula, and I am currently researching the role of juche ideology in North Korea, and its implications on ideas of legitimacy and statehood in the North Korean state. I am intrigued by questions of how closed societies, such as North Korea, utilize ideology as a framework for state survival, and how ideology can be used as an instrument to self-legitimize state behavior at both the domestic and international scales.     


My research methods are largely qualitative, with a strong focus on interviewing - both elite and non-elite - small-N analysis, and in-depth case study work (including historical sources). 

Previous experience:    

Prior to arriving at the DPIR, I read Geography as an undergraduate at Brasenose College, Oxford. I was a prizewinning candidate, achieving the proxime accessit C.D.D. Gibbs Prize, and specialized in social and cultural geography. My interests in the Korean     Peninsula are also reflected in my ongoing research in Social and Cultural Geography: I am currently researching how South Korean migrants to the United Kingdom perform and negotiate notions of citizenship, belonging, and identity at the everyday level, whilst being unable to adopt dual legal citizenship. I have also worked in journalism as part of the campaign to launch a BBC World Service in North Korea, where I was part of a team interviewing North Korean defectors. 

It would be a pleasure to hear from anyone interested in discussing my work further, or if your own research interests are similar: please do email me at edward.howell@politics.ox.ac.uk.