Dominik Bulla

dominik bulla

Education (2017 cohort)

Through my DPhil (PhD) research, I contribute to the literature on psychological determinants of school performance by developing and empirically testing a model that brings together control beliefs and motivational orientation to predict learning outcomes in a developing-country context. Since in developing countries students often struggle with poor academic achievements, I also want to evaluate an intervention that strengthens motivational environments in Rwandan classrooms to boost students’ learning performance.

Prior to starting the DPhil programme, I worked as a specialist in research methodologies in Africa and Asia. As the executive director of idea42 India, I managed large scale social experiments in behavioural economics, microfinance, and education. As the Country Director for Innovations for Poverty Action(IPA) Malawi, I managed randomized controlled trials in agriculture, microfinance, and SME business development. As Plan UK’s research specialist, I developed and managed the evaluation of its girls’ education programme in Sierra Leone using a quasi-experimental design. As Girl Effect Rwanda’s Senior Research Manager, I led all in-country monitoring, evaluation, and research undertakings. I hold an MA in Political Science, Economic History and Economic Policy, an MSc in Development Studies, and a PGCert in Econometrics.