Alex Yeandle


Politics (2019 cohort)

I’m an MPhil student in Politics (Comparative Government) at Oxford University’s Department of Politics and International Relations and St Edmund Hall. My key areas of interest include party systems, voter behaviour and democratic backsliding. My research explores how internet connectivity and social media influence political participation, polarisation and support for democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa. I’m also particularly interested in testing the extent to which paradigmatic models of voter behaviour, typically developed with Western Europe and the US in mind, apply in the African setting.

I read PPE at St Hugh’s College, Oxford, where I received the Gibbs Prize for best undergraduate thesis in Politics. My thesis developed and tested the hypothesis that political parties in advanced democracies strategically polarise their manifesto positions to negotiate coalition agreements closer to their own policy preferences.

Outside of politics I enjoy running, cooking, travelling and playing the piano.