Grand Union DTP - Placement Opportunities


There are a number of placement and internship opportunities currently available to DTP students. Please visit our Current Placement Opportunities page to view the various internal placement schemes, application details, and relevant deadlines. 

PhD Innovation Placements

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Want to make a difference by working on today’s global challenges? Interested in getting work experience in the fields of green growth, automation, healthy aging, artificial intelligence, new models of education and many more? A PhD Innovation Placement could help with employability and give you the soft skills and networks for potential future collaborations. The call for applications is now open through March 2020; visit here for more information. 

Present your research findings at the Home Office


The Home Office  engages closely with the academic community and are keen to keep up with the latest research findings, and would like to invite doctoral students working in relevant areas to present their research. This is an excellent opportunity for doctoral students to help shape their research to be of use to policymakers and impact critical decision making which ultimately benefits the public and gain experience of presenting research to a policy-focused audience. It could also provide useful networking opportunities for their future careers. Visit here to read more about this opportunity.

LSE History Graduate Conference 2020

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Transnational Disruptions: decline, renewal or change?

The objective of this conference is to examine disruptions across transnational spaces concerning global matters such as conflict, migration, diplomatic world orders, impact of international organizations, knowledge-sharing, and more. Our panels will investigate historical moments of decline, change and renewal and analyse how political, economic and social disruptions inform the present. Visit here to learn more about attending this event. 

Advanced Quantitative Methods Summer School 2020


The Quantitative Methods Hub at the Department of Education, University of Oxford, offers it annual Advanced Quantitative Methods Summer School, this year consisting of seven different courses during running Tuesday to Friday during two calendar weeks. The courses require an understanding of multiple regression modelling or other multivariate techniques. Students and staff are welcome to attend one, some or all days. 

Click here to download the in-depth programme covering each day of topics. Visit here to learn more about this opportunity. 

ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme - Call Open

The Economic and Social Research Council

The Grand Union DTP is pleased to invite applications for ESRC-funded postdoctoral Fellowships to commence 1 October 2020. The call is open to applicants who have undertaken a PhD at a research organisation that is part of an ESRC-funded DTP/CDT. Fellowships are aimed at those in the immediately postdoctoral stage of their career, to provide the opportunity to consolidate their PhD through developing publications, their networks, and their research and professional skills. Visit here for all further details.


Wiener-Anspach Postdoctoral Fellowships at the ULB

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The Philippe WIENER - Maurice ANSPACH Foundation aims at strengthening the relations between the Université libre de Bruxelles and the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, mainly through exchange programs involving students, researchers and professors and through the development of common projects.The Foundation awards fellowships to researchers who have obtained their doctoral degree from the University of Cambridge or Oxford and who wish to carry out research at the Université libre de Bruxelles. These fellowships are open to researchers from all fields. Visit their website to learn more about this opportunity. 

ESRC New Investigator Grants - call open

The Economic and Social Research Council

The ESRC is pleased to invite proposals for the New Investigator Grants. The scheme is specifically aimed at supporting those looking to make the transition to an independent researcher through managing their first major research project. The call is open to high-quality candidates from anywhere in the world who have a maximum of four years’ postdoctoral experience and the support of an eligible UK research organisation. Grants ranging from £100,000 to £300,000 full Economic Cost (fEC) can be awarded. Visit the ESRC's website for more information. 

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