Internship Case Study 1 – Jasper Kunstreich

1 month internship at Hr2, Branch of the German Broadcast Association (ARD)

As a federal state, the German Broadcast Association consists of nine different branches. My internship was with hr2, a radio channel of the branch in the state of Hessen. Hr2 focuses on culture, news, and documentaries. I got the chance to work with the team that is responsible for the 6 pm show “der Tag” (the day). In this show, one topic of importance is being discussed and analysed from different perspectives and with interview partners from think tanks and universities for one hour. Topics included the war in Syria, inequality in the US, legislation on copyright in Germany. Even though I was only an intern, I had full support from my team and worked just like any other team member: I contacted potential interview partners, brainstormed new topics, and even had the opportunity to speak small “explanatory” pieces for the show.

In addition to my work for the daily show I created an hour long feature on classical music and religion in the 20th century, which has been broadcasted just now in November.

In terms of added value, the internship taught me important skills, most notably how to get my thoughts into written form very quickly and in a language that is accessible to a broader public. It also gave me a unique experience about work in radio and journalism, which is quite important to me as I am considering a career in those fields after my DPhil.

From a knowledge exchange perspective, journalists at the radio station were quite happy to listen to my feedback and include my input. Most of the journalists had a training either with one of the two German journalist-schools or in a humanities subject. I was the only economic historian and could supply new perspectives on topics such as inequality, the refugee crisis but also the economic impact of legal institutions and economic growth in the long run etc. 
In summary, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the DTC internship support scheme to all students who are eligible for support from it, especially given the considerable gains that can be made both from a professional and academic perspective as well as the obvious knowledge exchange that arises from such activities.

As a longer lasting impact of this internship, I became motivated to create my own homepage and start blogging. Together with a good friend who lives in Wroclav (Poland), we started an exchange of letters on Europe and how we as a younger Generation would like to see it. As a German living in the UK and a Polish student we look at the European Union from different backgrounds and different perspectives. The blog is multilingual, posts are written mainly in German and English and occasionally in Polish and French. You can look it up at or