Events 2021/22

The Grand Union DTP, its students and the Scholars' Association host a variety of events across the partnership covering a wide range of topics and themes.  All events currently open for registration can also be viewed on the Grand Union DTP's Eventbrite page here. Additional events not directly sponsored by the GUDTP but still highly relevant to Social Sciences students are also listed below. 

Upcoming DTP Events April-July 2022

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When: 7th and 8th of June, running from Tuesday 11am until Wednesday 12pm

Where: St Anne's College, Oxford 

How to register: (you will have received a password if you are eligible to attend this event)


We're thrilled to announce the 2022 ESRC GUDTP Annual Conference: "Reimagining Social Science". The conference will be a wonderful opportunity for our first fully in person event. It will be incredibly exciting to get members from across all the cohorts and partner institutions together in one venue, and provide the opportunity for you to interact, share your work, and learn from one another. The conference will emphasis networking and meeting people outside your pathways.


Details of the keynote speakers and a programme schedule will be distributed shortly.


All attendees will be required to submit a postcard-sized digital representation of their thesis, suitable for printing by the 23rd May. This might be in the form of an image, or a limerick, a three word thesis, or any variation. Whatever can be fitted on a postcard. The only stipulation is that it should also include your name. These will be printed and displayed in the communal areas at the conference, with opportunities for discussion.


In addition to keynote speakers there will be presentations from our cohort at all levels in the following ways:

  1. A 20 minute presentation to be followed by Q&A;
  2. A 5 minute presentation;
  3. A poster presentation.


There will be refreshments available throughout the day. On the evening of the 7th June  here will also be a drinks reception and three course dinner. Please let us know if you have any allergies in the EventBrite booking form


For those attending from the Open University and Brunel University who did not express an interest in accommodation in the initial Call, please get in touch if you may require accommodation and we will look into this for you. This option of accommodation will not be available for Oxford students.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Please register even if you answered our Call for Participation so we can inform our venue of the final numbers.

This event is only for ESRC funded DTP students from The University of Oxford, Brunel University, and the Open University. You will have received a password to access the EventBrite page if you are eligible. Please register using your University email address.

External Events & Training Opportunities

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During the 2020-21 academic year, the Social Sciences Division ran Oxford Minds, an online curriculum enrichment programme for our graduate students. It aimed to cover on the issues that matter for Oxford, for the social sciences, and for the wider world -- that we ‘mind’. It covered themes, theory, and methods. 

In Michaelmas 2021, we will continue with Oxford Minds through fortnightly online discussions and debates held on Tuesdays (in 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th weeks) at 5pm, and then also made available on the SSD website. The series will provide an opportunity for the Social Sciences Division to convene conversations that transcend departments and lie at the core of the social sciences.  

These can be found online here along with recordings from previous events.


Please find below the relevant links to access researcher development training opportunities at each partner institution. Due to the implications of COVID-19, large amounts of training and courses have been transitioned to being offered online. 



Where specific training is not available at your home institution, training courses may be available instead at one of our partner institutions. If you have any questions about accessing training listed on the above sites, please make the DTP office at your home institution your first contact and they can assist you from there. 


In 2004 the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) set up the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) at the University of Southampton. NCRM was tasked to increase the quality and range of methodological approaches used by UK social scientists through a programme of training and capacity building, and with driving forward methodological development and innovation through its own research programme.

The courses are very reasonably priced for students and they are covering a wide range of topics, offered by both NCRM as well as external training providers. 

Students can browse the full training database here

Online workshop – Thursday 11 August, 10:00 – 12:00 via MS Teams

Delivered by Dr William Kelly, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography

Register for a place here:

The ongoing development and proliferation of digital communication and social networking technologies is providing new platforms and forums for discussion, interaction and association of all kinds online, yielding new opportunities for researchers. This trend has been greatly accelerated by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which online interaction became, for many, the only viable option. Pandemic restrictions rendered conventional forms of participatory research, including long-term engagement with in-person participatory fieldwork, virtually impossible, prompting researchers to explore alternative options for pursuing their research remotely, via digital technologies.

In this session facilitated by Dr William Kelly, an expert in digital methods and digital ethnography, we will explore opportunities for conducting participatory research, whether directly engaged with digital and online environments or facilitated by digital technologies. The course also investigates potential meanings of participation within the context of research which may variously straddle online and offline environments. The session is aimed at anybody - post-graduate/doctoral student or researcher - with an interest in potentially integrating or utilising digital methods (or participatory digital methods) in their own research. Those in the early stages of doctoral degrees who are considering use of digital methods/participatory digital methods in their research might particularly benefit from the workshop.

The session will not be recorded and places are limited to 20 with the intention of encouraging rich and open discussion of the topic within the session.

This course is part of a university wide programme (funded by Research England) to strengthen the ecosystem for participatory research within the University through development of training and resources for researchers, and creation of good practice video case studies. Look out for more training and resources in the coming months. For more details about the programme and to register interest please contact


This event is open to Grand Union DTP Students from the University of Oxford, Brunel University, and the Open University.

Past Event Links

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Please see the tab on the left-hand side or click here to access the library of Grand Union DTP event recordings made available to students. 


(This series has completed - recordings of the below sessions are now available for viewing at the same link)

The Department of International Development has organised a series called the 'Oxford Development Talks' to showcase the best of Oxford thinking on international development and to make it accessible to a wider general public. The talks will take a variety of forms, from lectures to interviews, and will take key ideas from research and explain them in an accessible way. All the talks will be live on Zoom at regular points during Trinity Term 2020. Themes will include:


  • 'How Covid-19 Will Affect the Global Poor'

Monday 18th May, 2pm 

Sabina Alkire 

  • 'China's Growth Strategy, and What It Means for the World'

Tuesday 26th May, 2pm 

Xiaolan Fu

  • 'Space, Class and Social Distancing in the Indian City'

Monday 1st June, 2pm 

Nandini Gooptu

  • ‘Migration Control and Human Rights in the Pandemic Era'

Monday 8th June, 2pm 

Cathryn Costello

  • 'The Growing Costs of Inequality: Lessons from Latin America'

Monday, 15th June, 2pm 

Diego Sanchez-Ancochea

  • 'Islam in the Changing World'

Friday, 19th June, 2pm 

Masooda Bano

  • 'The Politics of Pandemics in Africa' 

Monday, 22nd June, 2pm 

Simukai Chigudu 

  • 'Should We Abolish Immigration Control?'

Monday, 29th June, 2pm 

Matthew Gibney 


To access the complete programme and registration details, please visit

ESRC Grand Union DTP Year Card

We will upload the ESRC Grand Union DTP Year Card for 2022/23 when ready here. This year card will contain the dates of the Oxford Minds events.

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