Grand Union DTP Events

The Grand Union DTP, its students and the Scholars' Assocation host a variety of events across the partnership covering a wide range of topics and themes. Event details over the coming academic year are listed below.

Career survival in the contemporary university: A roundtable on academic precarity  

When: Friday 26th April, 12 - 2 pm

Where: Education Department, 15 Norham Gardens, OX2 6PY (Seminar G/H)

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Panellists include Eleanor Pritchard, Harry Pettitt, Laura Fritsch and Gabrielle Cunningham

Chair: David Mills

This  lunchtime workshop reflects on the changing political economy of contemporary higher education and its implications for academic careers in the social sciences.  The research evidence about the personal and emotional costs of precarious employment is growing, and universities are not immune from these challenges. Research students can end up juggling research, teaching, applying for grants and trying to publish. For those on short-term research contracts, the need for mobility can run up against caring responsibilities. Universities and funders are working to improve employment contracts but change is often difficult to enact.

This informal discussion panel is hosted by the Grand Union DTP and is designed to create a space for all research students and academic staff to learn about, and reflect on, these challenges.

The panel includes research students, postdocs, administrators and academic staff. They will reflect on their own journeys and offer advice on surviving academic precarity.

An Introduction to Qualitative Research for Quantitative Researchers

When: Monday 3rd June 13:00 – 17:00 and Thursday 6th June 9:00 – 13:00 (Attendance to both dates is required.)

Where: Social Sciences Divisional Office, Hayes House, 75 George Street, Oxford (Rooms A and B)

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The course is designed to provide a broad introduction to qualitative and mixed method research. With an emphasis on using qualitative research alongside quantitative studies, or as part of a mixed methodological approach, we will explore various philosophical notions that inform different methodologies outline principles of qualitative study design, common data collection and analysis techniques; and explore issues such as quality indicators, writing and ethics.

This course will be most useful to people who are starting work on a project with a qualitative dimension, doctoral student at the beginning of their projects, and those who are thinking about using qualitative research methods for the first time.


1) Appreciate the range qualitative research traditions and methodologies, and the philosophical principles that underpin them.

2) Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, of qualitative methods and how they can be used alongside their methods.

3) Demonstrate critical understanding of the main methods used in qualitative research for generating and analysing data.

4) Develop critical awareness of key issues around credibility of qualitative research effectively.

Grand Union DTP Annual Conference- for Award Holders and Partners

When: Friday 14th June, 10 am - 6 pm

Where: TBC

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